Let's create a monster! - part2

I'll be back in few minutes, need to grab some missing parts...

Let's create a monster! - part2

Ok, so where are we with this Monster project? I have to admit that I have to face several little... issues let say that prevent me to complete the project way more later than expected.

Also.. I have to admit that I have a very bad habit when it comes to buy computer parts. Most of the time, I know what I need. I go on google and try to found similar setup as the one I want to build, I take the time to look for some reviews about the different components and try to find the best for the money I can put it on.

But It happens that I became impatient.. so I, let says, did not read the full article or description of the item so... sometimes I got some surprises when I open the box and see that 1- it's not going to fit, 2- it's going to be useless.

This project do not make exception to this rule.. so here are the issues I face right now, the fix I found (when they are one).

Fail and fix #1

I have mentioned that the motherboard I choose, the ASUS Z8NA-D6C, does not come with SATA3 controller so I have decided to buy a good one and after some googling, I come with the LSI MegaRAID 9261-8i.

But... I thought that it was a simple SATA controller and in fact it's a SAS controller that can manage SATA hard drive. So I can't plug my SATA hard drive on it directly. I had to buy a SAS to SATA cable in order to fit the controller and the discs together. I found it on amazon:

0,5 m Mini SAS 36pin SFF-8087: 12$

Fails and fix #2

Again, my bad... I have not really check the entire description (even if it is cleary mentioned on the listing) of the controller...

The ebay listing mention "Low profile" for the card, which mean that it can fit into a 2u pizza box server and not in a standard casing like the one I bought.. So I have to buy a standard full height bracket. But believe it or not, it was more complex than, let's say, find a used pope's underpants... The one found in amazon canada are sell for 12$ but... 54$ for shipping! I finally decided to buy on ebay US...

Standard Full Height Bracket for 3ware 9650SE-8LPML 8 Port PCIe SAS RAID

Fail #3

Ok this one is little weird for a modern case.. the  one I bought do not have an plug of the hdd led activity! That's not a big issue but it's kind of weird and stupid...More stupid is the fact that the manual mention this hdd led plug.. anyway, no big deal, sicne it's a server. I could maybe make my own ldd led later sicne it's only a cable and some leds..

Fail and fix #4

Again about the case.. it's not a real issue but more like another little thing. The top of the case has some "holes" for air flow from the top fans to go out. But even if the manual a dust cover for the top, it's not sold with the case so you should by separately...


Now that I have received all the part, it's now time to plug everything and see the big server in action, stay stuned!!

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